In recent years, social media has proved to be an incredibly valuable tool for marketers, unlocking an incredible variety of opportunities to connect and engage with consumers. While there’s no doubt that social media is here to stay, it’s constantly reshaping how, where, when, and why it’s used. As a result, social media holds nearly unlimited potential for marketers, especially those who can stay on top of the latest trends and ideas.

To help you get off to a good start in 2019, we’ve rounded up the biggest trends expected to make a significant impact this year.

Video Content Continues to Reign

Every year, video content gains ground as one of the primary forms of online content consumption. That trend is expected to continue through 2019, with videos dominating social media across all platforms. Live videos, in particular, are likely to stand out as one of the most popular video formats.

This video type has always been highly popular on YouTube, but have expanded their reach onto both Facebook and Instagram, and even beyond. Now, most users receive on-screen notifications when one of their connections is going live. Most experts believe that live video has earned such preferential status because consumers view it as a more authentic form of interaction, establishing a sense of trust surrounding the brand.

A Personalized Experience Will Work in Marketers’ Favor

Social media has paved the way for marketers to reshape the way consumers interact with advertising. Through customizable messages and targeted search algorithms, businesses can provide their customers with an enhanced personalization that utilizes consumer data to deliver a highly tailored experience. Although there’s been some uncertainty about how the process of collecting this data will evolve in the future, the convenience and other positive benefits of personalization have given it serious staying power.

Instead of having to search out potentially relevant products and services, consumers are now able to be connected with items of interest with zero effort on their part. As a result, companies have a far better opportunity to connect with new customers and build lasting relationships, boosting long-term campaign performance.

Consumers Expect Social Media to Function in Real Time

Social media has presented a new challenge to marketers, building consumers’ expectations of near-instant responses and a steady flow of content in real time. There’s no “off” button when it comes to social media, and consumers are constantly accessing, exploring, and talking about your brand whether you’re prepared or not – so having an effective plan to maintain responsiveness is key.

Chatbots, 24/7 customer support, constant platform monitoring, and real-time social selling are all useful methods of rising to consumers’ expectations and establishing your brand as one they can trust to always be there. Thankfully, today’s technology has made it possible for marketers to access useful software and automated tools to make this task more manageable.  

Implement an Effective Social Media Strategy with Exact Digital Media

As someone that works in the world of advertising, you already know that social media is a critical element of any effective marketing plan. When utilized to their fullest potential, the latest trends in social media have the power to directly benefit marketers, enabling you to target audience development over product purchases.

At Exact Digital Media, our experienced team has the knowledge and resources to help design a tailored social media strategy to fit your needs, partnering with you every step of the way, from planning to execution. Utilizing multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, you’ll have everything you need to chart a path for success.

Contact us today to learn more about Exact Digital Media and let us help you tackle the world of social media with confidence.

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Article written by: Gena Hamilton, Founder and Managing Director, Exact Digital Media, LLC
Connect with me:  gena@exactdigitalmedia.com
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