80% of people start with a Google search to find or research products and services.
Source: ThinkWithGoogle, Consumer Insights, “How mobile search is driving today’s in-store shopping experience”

Search engine marketing should be a critical part of any companies’ digital strategy.  Today, consumers research products, services and comparison shop before making any buying decision.

SEM is a great way to keep your brand in front of consumers at all stages of the buying funnel.  Companies can effectively use SEM to protect their brand reputation and guard against competition (higher-funnel PPC tactic), target consumers when they are showing interest in your products and services (mid-funnel PPC tactic) and leverage dynamic search ads (a lower-funnel PPC tactic) when consumers are ready to buy.  Leveraging all stages of the buying funnel also increases consumer Lifetime Value (LTV).

Tip:  Integrate SEM with offline channels such as tv, radio and direct mail campaigns for higher brand search results.



We are a Premier Google Partner with a team of certified Google expertswho manage all aspects of your search engine marketing campaign.  

We focus on building campaigns that have continuity between the search terms on Google, the relevancy of the ad, and the relevancy of the landing page prospects visit for high performance.  A cohesive search campaign means more traffic, more leads and higher profits. 



Exact Digital Media leverages all ad extensions to expand your ads, giving people more reasons to choose your business.  Extensions are useful business data below your ad – location, additional links, prices, and more.  Extension are recommended for just about all advertisers using text ads on search.

Here are examples of ad extensions based on your advertising goals:

Goal:  Get customers to buy from your business location

  • Location extensions: encourage people to visit your business
  • Affiliate location extensions: help people find retail chain stores
  • Callout extensions: “free delivery” or “24/7 customer support”

Goal:  Get customers to contact you

  • Call extensions: encourage people to call your business
  • Message extensions: encourage people to text you

Goal:  Get customers to convert on your website

  • Sitelinks extension: link people directly to your web page
  • Callout extensions: “free delivery” or “24/7 customer support
  • Price extensions: showcase products and categories with prices

Goal:  Get people to download your app

  • App extension: encourage people to download your app


  • Campaign Structure and Industry Best Practices
  • Competitor Analysis and Conquesting
  • Rigorous Keyword Analysis and Optimization
  • Professional Ad Development and Optimization
  • Bid and Budget Management Strategy
  • Campaign Optimization Strategy
  • Implement ALL applicable ad extensions
  • Optimal SERPs positioning in terms of CPC is between 1.7 – 3%
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