Social Media Strategy
Case Study

Platforms:  Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat

Industry:  TV-Broadcast 


The need to connect to a millennial audience in the local market


  • Hired digital reporters dedicated to producing video content for taste and see
  • Created lifestyle and entertainment sites: taste and see in 3 Florida markets and 1 regional site
  • Created highly visual and authentic video content with a focus of engaging with millennials 
  • Built a community around immersive storytelling, allowing the audience to feel and experience the story for themselves
  • Created social media profiles for taste and see to quickly connect to a millennial audience
  • Measure each piece of content to determine engagement and produce content with a higher engagement and reach


  • Produced lifestyle and entertainment content that was relevant to the audience in the local markets with a focus on the following: 
  • Things To Do:
    • Concerts, Festivals and Farmer Markets
    • Exploring historic areas of Edison & Ford Winter Estates
    • Beaches (best, quietest, dog friendly, unique)
    • Food & Drink popular around the area
    • Wild Life (CROW, Zoo’s, Manatee park, Naples Zoo, etc.)
    • Theme Parks
    • Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries
    • Coverage of major seasonal local events like Gasparilla, Foodie Festivals, Florida State Fairs and Valentine’s Day 
  • Average 2-10 video/text stories per week, including photo galleries and listicles 


  •  After 5 months into the project, we saw significant increases in total and local users across all three taste and see websites, with an average of 600,000 page views and  203,000 unique users on mobile and desktop.  
  • Increased brand visibility on Facebook with 7,300 fans.  In less than 2 years, taste and see Tampa Bay reached 170,000 fans, with 177,000 followers.
Here are a few examples of top performing video content pieces
taste and see social media marketing

Florida's Largest Inflatable Aqua Park

  • Reached 9.9 Million on Facebook – TV-station news page
  • 5 Million video views
  • Reached 3.6 Million on Taste & See FB page
  • 6 Million video views

Volcano Bay Opens: Reach & Engagement

  • Reached 3.9 Million on Facebook
  • Generated 1.14 Million Video Views
  • 2K Reactions
  • Top Demographic Audience: Women, 18-24
taste and see social media marketng
taste and see social marketing

Cheeto Rescued: Reach & Engagement

  • Reached 275,000 on Facebook
  • Generated 131,000 video views
  • 6K Reactions
  • Top Demographic Audience: 45-54
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